Cybercrime in the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is a prime target for cybercriminals for several reasons. From outdated or insufficient electronic medical records to basic or non-existent network security, many healthcare organizations have struggled to keep their data secure. This could potentially be a matter of life and death.


Ransomware is an increasing threat for clinics and hospitals. Confidential patient information breaches via insecure networks are gold mines for cybercriminals. In 2017, the Verizon Enterprises Data Breach Investigations Report found that human mistakes accounted for 80% of breaches in the healthcare industry. Lack of employee awareness toward phishing emails, inability to recognize common signs of malware, or incorrectly sharing patient data (over personal emails or insecure cloud-based platforms) are serious risks for healthcare providers.

Our Solutions

Training for all employees – from interns to c-level management – is one of the easiest and most affordable ways healthcare facilities can reduce the chances they will incur a data breach.  Combining with high-level computer security features, two-factor authentication for software programs, and a dedicated, professional IT team not only cover compliancy but reduce risk for the facility.

46Solutions offers stress-free IT support to strengthen data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and the ability to manage data more effectively with our trusted technicians to give you peace of mind. In addition, we provide HIPAA-compliant healthcare information technology solutions. 46Solutions has the experience and expertise to provide enterprise-level IT services to any central Kentucky business.

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