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Greenbriar Country Club Lexington, Kentucky

The Greenbrier Golf and Country Club in Lexington, Kentucky, has unveiled a sophisticated addition to their amenities with the introduction of a cutting-edge 17,000-square-foot smart and connected clubhouse. This state-of-the-art facility seamlessly integrates a range of Snap One technologies, meticulously designed and customized by 46Solutions, promising Greenbrier members an elevated level of luxury that is both comfortable and technologically advanced.

The Project

Throughout the multipurpose clubhouse, strategically placed speakers and displays offer a curated playlist of music and video to members enjoying the café, gym, or golf simulator. Managing this abundance of audiovisual content is made possible by Snap One’s Binary® Media-Over-IP system and Triad® AMS 16×16 switcher, all connected to a Control4® entertainment and automation processor. This comprehensive system simplifies content distribution and control, allowing staff to effortlessly activate music or video throughout the facility.

The highly customizable Control4 Core 5 processor empowers the 46Solutions team to establish daily routines for the AV systems. For instance, the gym’s AV and lighting activate at 5 a.m., while other areas gradually come to life, and everything shuts down at 11 p.m. The system is tailored to Greenbrier members’ preferences, automatically tuning TVs to the Golf Channel or CNBC upon activation.

Prioritizing Simplicity

Of course, there are times when staff need to override these automated settings, such as during special events. Control4 keypads and touch panels in key areas, along with a Control4 app on personal tablets and smartphones, provide the flexibility for real-time adjustments.

46Solutions prioritized simplicity in the interfaces for Greenbrier’s staff, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring a swift transition to the new system. With customized Control4 keypads and touch panels, employees can manage entertainment in 16 independent audio zones and 20 TV locations.

While the clubhouse was under construction, Greenbrier made the wise decision to update outdated outdoor speakers by the club’s swimming pool and integrate them into the clubhouse audio system. This allowed different zones to play music tailored to their specific needs.

Added Security

In addition to the initial quote, Greenbrier management decided to include surveillance features. The 24 Clare Controls™ cameras and video recorder from Snap One are integrated into the Control4 system for seamless control and management. They use the surveillance system primarily for monitoring certain areas, ensuring the well-being of children in the golf simulation room, and checking for any unusual activities.

The success of the Control4 automation system and integrated equipment led to an upgrade of the original clubhouse’s operating system to the latest OS 3. This provides greater control and flexibility, allowing for adjustments in settings remotely, and efficient troubleshooting through an OvrC® cloud management system.


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