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Corporate Audio/Video Services in Lexington, KY

Seamless Audio/Video Integration

Corporate Audio/Video Services in Lexington, KY

Seamless Audio/Video Integration

User-friendly technology can make running your organization’s meetings simple and easy. Instead of managing multiple remotes and troubleshooting why your conference room screen won’t connect, imagine having one-touch control that seamlessly displays your desired content, and with premium sound to boot!

When you hire 46Solutions, our team will expertly design and install AV solutions for your conference rooms, boardrooms, training centers, and various huddle spaces. Whether you’re looking for quick-start virtual meetings, interactive TV and computer displays, digital signage, HD projectors, commercial-grade sound systems, lighting controls, and more, rest assured we’ll provide technology solutions that will delight your participants and make your next meeting one you look forward to.

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Upgrade Your Conference Room


Upgrade Your Conference Room

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Lighting Control

Enhance productivity and ambiance with our integrated lighting control solutions, tailored to suit your business’s unique needs.

Wireless Microphones

Capture your audience effortlessly with crystal-clear audio quality.  Great for event spaces, private restaurant rooms, and training rooms.

Motorized Window Shades

Optimize comfort, energy efficiency, and sophistication in your business environment with our innovative motorized shades, offering seamless control with a touch of elegance.

Video Conferencing Systems

Take your business communications to the next level with our advanced video conferencing systems, fostering seamless collaboration and virtual connections.  From cameras, microphones, and video displays to custom acoustic treatments for the perfect audio experience.

Projection Systems

Elevate your business presentations and events with our cutting-edge video projection systems, delivering stunning visuals and impactful experiences.

Video Walls

Transform your business environment and captivate customers with our dynamic video walls, delivering immersive and engaging content that sets your brand apart.

What affects the cost of audio/video services?

At 46Solutions, we offer customized packages that meet your unique audio/video needs. For AV services, our fees usually come down to a few key factors:

  1. The number of AV products you need. We offer a full spectrum of AV products, including webcams, microphones, digital whiteboards, screens, projectors, interactive TVs and computers, surround sound systems, video walls, digital signage, integrated lighting controls, equipment racks, and more. In general, the more AV products you need (or rooms you need to be outfitted), the more it will cost you.
  2. Your budget. No two businesses are alike, and for this reason, we like to work with companies on an individual basis to assess what AV solutions will provide the most significant value for their investment. After reviewing your goals and desires, we’ll create a customized solution that works for both your space and budget.
  3. Your current infrastructure. We can do a complete overhaul of your space. Or, depending on what kind of audio/video products you already have in use, we can pair thoughtful additions to enhance your current setup. We’re flexible and can accommodate your needs, regardless of your existing infrastructure.


  • Schedule a free consultation

    Our first priority is understanding your audio/video needs. To book a free consultation with one of our AV experts, give us a call (859) 788-4600 or fill out our easy online scheduler. During the in-person or virtual consult, we’ll review your goals and objectives (including your budget, timeline, and desired equipment) and then answer any questions you may have about the installation process. If your current setup needs any structural modifications that could impact your cost, we’ll let you know. From the start, we’re thorough and transparent about pricing and implementation.

  • You'll receive a customized proposal.

    At 46Solutions, we don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. For this reason, following your initial consultation, we’ll send you a customized proposal that outlines the specific AV products we recommend to meet your needs, wants, and budget. For example, you may have multiple meeting rooms that need standard video conferencing upgrades. Or, you might be looking to enhance a single training room with state-of-the-art TV, sound, and lighting technology. No matter your business needs, we’ll design a solution just for you.

  • We'll install your AV system.

    Once you’ve signed off on the quote approval, we’ll get to work installing your new audio/video system. Our team of highly trained AV experts is swift, professional, and will make sure that you and your team understand exactly how to use your new technology.

  • We’ll request feedback.

    There’s a reason we’ve earned a 5-star reputation among Kentucky business owners: we put customers first, plain and simple. To ensure that you’re satisfied with your experience, we’ll request feedback on how we did once we’ve finished installing your new AV system. Your happiness is our number one goal, so if something didn’t go quite right, we’d do everything in our power to fix it.


Why choose us?

At 46Solutions, we deliver practical, reliable, and affordable AV technology solutions to help your organization collaborate, strategize, energize and succeed. With more than 250 years of combined tech experience, our team has installed AV systems for a wide range of Kentucky businesses, including restaurants, bars, hotels, conference centers, sports arenas, retailers, business offices, churches, and more.

If you’re looking to install cutting-edge AV technologies that are worth your investment and will empower a noticeable reduction of stress in your daily operations, contact 46Solutions today. With a growing list of 5-star reviews from fully satisfied business owners, we won’t disappoint you!


“Extremely knowledgeable, quick, and accommodating technicians. Went above and beyond to make sure our installation was smooth and perfect.”

Lexington customer


Lexington customer

“Great customer service! Very knowledgeable! Gets the job done!”

Lexington customer

Angela V.

Lexington customer

“Awesome techs. Extremely professional.”

Lexington customer

Wylie C.

Lexington customer

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