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Cybersecurity Auditing and Risk Assessments in Lexington, KY

Comprehensive Risk Assessments & Audits By Lexington’s Cybersecurity Experts


In today’s age, businesses of all sizes handle a large volume of internal and customer information. Protecting your company’s informational assets is vital to prevent compromising the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of essential data. 

An IT security audit and risk assessment from 46Solutions gives your company an accurate snapshot of any network risks and the next steps to take. This report can help your company avoid security breaches, a damaged reputation with customers, lost revenue and time spent resolving a data breach, and potential legal violations if you’re in a compliance-heavy industry. 


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What Affects the Cost of Cybersecurity Risk Assessments and Audits?

At 46Solutions, we offer Kentucky businesses customized security audits that meet their compliance needs. We charge a fixed rate for project-based services or a fixed monthly rate for ongoing cybersecurity services. The cost of a risk audit depends on the following:

The scale of your IT infrastructure:

The scale of your IT infrastructure:

During an audit, we’ll perform real-time tests for all aspects of your IT setup. For example, we may assess your server rack infrastructure, server resource utilization, anti-virus systems, authentication systems, internal and external network devices or web applications, access authorization procedures, and more. Depending on your organization’s IT infrastructure scale, your cost may go up due to the breadth of audit needed.

The number of users at your company:

The number of users at your company:

Human error can account for 95% of cybersecurity breaches. That’s why we also audit devices, user access, disaster recovery plans, workforce security policies, and more. An audit’s cost will include the cost per head. 

Your industry’s compliance regulations:

Your industry’s compliance regulations:

We customize security audits to our client’s business and compliance levels. Our security audits evaluate your cybersecurity compliance with federal guidelines, which is vital for legal purposes if your organization works with sensitive customer information. Depending on the sensitivity of your industry, audit costs can go up.  

  • Healthcare companies are required by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) to meet national standards for protecting sensitive patient health information.
  • Companies that store, process, or transmit credit card data should meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Companies that have European Union customers must meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards for keeping personal data safe.
  • Financial professionals and institutions must meet risk assessment and security standards set by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Whether you've recently experienced a data breach:

Whether you've recently experienced a data breach:

Companies that have recently experienced a data breach need extra monitoring and support, which means multiple risk assessments and security penetration tests, increasing costs.

Our Process

You can hire us on a retainer or a per-project basis.

Schedule a free consultation.

To book a free consultation with 46Solutions, call us at (859) 788-4600 or fill out our easy 5-question online form. We’ll review your cybersecurity concerns, questions, and budget. Also, we’ll walk through our risk audit and assessment process to better understand your needs.

You’ll receive a thorough proposal.

After the consultation, our team will put together a tailored proposal for your review. No matter your organization’s size or industry, we’ll tailor the proposal to your company’s security needs, timeline, and budget.

We’ll complete a methodical security audit.

Our security assessors will test systems and employees for weaknesses. Then, we will rank identified threats based on the level of risk they bring to your business. You will receive updates on action items and key milestones throughout this project.

We’ll produce a comprehensive security report.

Once we complete our audit, we will create an executive summary report with narratives of penetration tests, including the vulnerabilities we’ve identified and any exploited systems. The report will include our conclusions, recommendations, and a detailed remediation plan to protect your team and customers’ information.

Share your feedback.

We’ve earned a 5-star reputation from Kentucky business owners because we put our clients first, plain and simple. Your satisfaction is our first priority, so we always want to hear from clients!

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We’ll review your cybersecurity concerns, questions, and budget. Also, we’ll walk through our risk audit and assessment process to better understand your needs.

Why choose 46Solutions?

46Solutions offers full-service security auditing for Kentucky business owners. Our knowledge and expertise will provide peace of mind and help your company meet best practices for regulatory compliance, operational policies, data encryption, and network setup. 

With over 300 years of combined technical experience, our security consultants have numerous certifications from:

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE)
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 

We’re also certified in HIPAA compliance for healthcare entities and SOC2 compliance standards developed by the American Institute of CPAs for service organizations. Not to mention, we regularly attend training sessions taught by global security councils.

As a Top 3 IT Firm in Lexington, you can trust our team to provide stress-free long-term solutions with our security audits.

“If you are looking for IT or cybersecurity services for your business, the friendly, experienced team at 46Solutions delivers results! The very best in Kentucky, hands down.”

Lexington, KY Business Owner

Lisa B.

Lexington, KY Business Owner

Strengthen Your Company’s Network Integrity & Confidentiality

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