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Lighting Control System Installations in Lexington, KY

First-Rate Lighting Control Systems in Lexington, KY


Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with high-quality lighting control systems from 46Solutions. Do you want to brighten your commercial building’s lights to capture attention or dim your home’s lights for a more relaxed aesthetic? With our hands-free lighting solutions, you can quickly and conveniently adjust any room’s lighting directly from your smartphone.


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What Affects the Cost of Lighting Control System Installations?

At 46Solutions, we provide custom lighting control solutions designed to meet your unique preferences and budget. Here are a few factors that can influence the overall cost: 

  1. Project Scope & Complexity: The first factor to consider is the scale of your project. Installing a control system in a single room, for example, is easier than setting up controls for an entire home or facility. The building layout can also affect a project’s complexity — for example, if light fixtures are not located near each other, it can be more difficult to integrate them.
  2. Customization: Another important factor is the level of customization you’re looking for. Do you want to just turn the lights on and off, or do you want to be able to dim them? Do you want manual controls, or would you rather be able to schedule and program your lights ahead of time? Higher customization typically results in higher costs.
  3. Lighting Fixture Amount and Type: The more lighting fixtures you want to control, the higher the cost will be. Building or home size is also an important factor — larger structures tend to have more lights, which means setting up controls will be more costly. In addition to the number of lighting fixtures, consider the type of lighting you have. Specialized fixtures may be more complicated to control.
  4. Installation & Labor: Costs can vary depending on how intensive and time-consuming the physical installation process is. A large building size, a complex layout, inaccessible lights and complicated wiring can all contribute to installation costs.
  5. Other Smart Home Integrations: During the project, you may discover that you’d like more extensive home automation. For example, you might want to integrate your lighting controls with your audio system and thermostat. The number and type of smart automation features you want will affect the final cost.
  6. Budget: We always take your unique budget into account before starting a project. Once we understand your expectations, we can create a custom plan that delivers the most value for your desired budget.

Our Process

How It Works:

Schedule a free consultation.

Before we can start installing your lighting control system, we need to fully understand your needs. During an in-person or virtual consultation, we’ll learn more about your expectations, budget, and timeline. We’ll also evaluate your location and lighting fixtures to help determine the best setup. To book a free consultation with our team, call us at (859) 788-4600 or connect with us online.

You’ll receive a customized proposal.

Once we have a better idea of your needs and personal preferences, we’ll create a plan for your lighting control system. Not only will we provide an overview of this plan, but we’ll also share details about the timeline and cost.

We’ll install your lighting control system.

As soon as you’re happy with the proposal, we’ll begin the installation. You can always expect smooth, seamless integrations when you work with us. After the installation is complete, we’ll walk you through the system and demonstrate how to easily control your various devices. And, if any questions arise, you’re welcome to contact us — our maintenance experts are always ready to help.

Give us feedback.

Our commitment to quality, combined with our friendly service and high levels of customization, has earned us a 5-star reputation among Kentucky homeowners and business owners. We always strive to meet the unique needs of every single customer, and we value everybody’s opinion. So, if you have any thoughts, we want to hear from you. Let us know your concerns so that we can make it right!

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We’ll review your lighting needs, questions, and budget. 

Why choose 46Solutions?

46Solutions goes above and beyond when it comes to your home’s needs. Our advanced lighting control systems are designed to boost convenience and comfort while improving energy costs and safety. Whether you want to adjust your home’s accent lighting or more lighting control throughout your business, our technology will get the job done.

Our impressive workmanship is backed up not only by our customer reviews and a number of accolades. We were recognized as a Top 3 IT Firm in Lexington and a finalist for the ABC 36 Viewer’s Choice Awards for Best Home Entertainment Company. Our team, with over 300 years of combined tech experience, has installed high-quality, custom lighting control systems for locals across the Lexington, KY area.

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art lighting automation that will transform your home or business, contact 46Solutions today or visit our showroom.

Wowed the second you step foot into their showroom

“Prepare to be wowed the second you step foot into the 46Solutions showroom. It’s unlike any other place where you go for audio/video needs. You’ll get to experience their products in whichever setting you plan to enhance your home. The things they can do are endless. Definitely a great place to visit if you’re looking for home theaters, home automation, or a unique TV/projector set!”

Lexington, KY homeowner


Lexington, KY homeowner

Patient in answering my questions

“It was a pleasure working with this company. The project manager replied immediately to my email requesting a quote for hanging a TV on the wall. Two technicians arrived exactly at the scheduled time with a heads-up email prior to their arrival. They brought all the tools needed; no running back to the truck. They even brought a shop vac and swept up any residue. They took their time explaining the functions of remotes to this dinosaur. They were patient in answering my questions about streaming apps. They attempted to pair all our devices. Now, our TV is mounted on the wall with no wires showing. Hallelujah! We will hire them again when we get a bigger compatible TV.”

Lexington, KY homeowner


Lexington, KY homeowner

Clean and presentable mount

“46Solutions helped by installing a new TV mounted on stacked stone above the fireplace. Jesse, who performed the work, is super talented. He did fantastic work cutting into the stone in order to run a new cable wire to prevent it from being visible and making it a very clean and presentable mount. Excellent job!”

Lexington, KY homeowner


Lexington, KY homeowner

Enjoy the Convenience and Comfort of a Custom Lighting Control System

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