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Cybersecurity & IT Services for Manufacturing Companies in Central KY

46Solutions Provides Proactive Cybersecurity & IT Services for the Manufacturing Industry

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In the fast-evolving landscape of the manufacturing industry, Information Technology (IT) plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations, and ensuring the overall competitiveness of businesses. As industries embrace digital transformation, the integration of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and robotics has become commonplace in manufacturing processes. However, this increased connectivity also exposes the industry to unprecedented cybersecurity risks.

In the realm of manufacturing, cybersecurity is not just a protective measure but a strategic imperative. The interconnected nature of smart factories and the reliance on data-driven decision-making make manufacturing systems vulnerable to cyber threats. A breach in cybersecurity could lead to intellectual property theft, production disruptions, or even compromise the safety of the manufacturing environment.

At 46Solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing sector. Our tailored IT solutions prioritize robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard critical systems and sensitive information. From implementing firewalls and encryption protocols to conducting regular vulnerability assessments, we provide comprehensive strategies to fortify your digital infrastructure. By staying ahead of emerging threats, we empower manufacturing businesses to embrace innovation securely, ensuring a resilient and future-ready IT foundation.

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Our Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity and IT Services Include:

At 46Solutions, we offer customized cybersecurity solutions for manufacturing companies and businesses that meet their unique compliance needs and budgets. We charge a fixed rate for project-based services and a fixed monthly rate for ongoing services. 

  • Verification of access authorization protocols
  • Assessment and scanning for vulnerabilities in manufacturing application servers
  • Review and optimization of business continuity and disaster recovery plans tailored for the manufacturing sector
  • Thorough mapping of the manufacturing network, ensuring complete discovery and understanding
  • Generation of detailed cybersecurity reports specific to the manufacturing industry
  • Comprehensive review and refinement of IT policies in alignment with manufacturing needs
  • Analysis, classification, and encryption review of manufacturing data to mitigate risks
  • Evaluation of data loss prevention systems implemented within the manufacturing environment
  • Review and enhancement of policies governing device and media control 
  • Compilation of an exhaustive list of discovered assets within the manufacturing network
  • Identification and assessment of both internal and external web applications utilized in manufacturing processes
  • Implementation of employee training programs targeted at minimizing human errors within manufacturing operations
  • Conducting vulnerability scans on firewalls safeguarding manufacturing systems
  • Assessment of IDS/IPS systems to ensure robust intrusion detection and prevention in manufacturing networks
  • Comprehensive review of manufacturing infrastructure, servers, and systems to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Extensive scanning for vulnerabilities in internal and external network devices crucial to manufacturing processes
  • Regular review and updates of IT policies in adherence to manufacturing industry standards
  • Evaluation and optimization of log monitoring processes in the manufacturing environment
  • Conducting risk assessments and audits tailored to the unique challenges of manufacturing operations
  • Review and refinement of risk management processes specific to the manufacturing sector
  • Assessment and optimization of security incident procedures to enhance responsiveness in manufacturing settings
  • Creation of a comprehensive inventory of sensitive data within the manufacturing infrastructure
  • Review and enhancement of spam filtering and web filter devices safeguarding manufacturing networks
  • Thorough review of workforce security policies, including a meticulous examination of “hire and fire” policies, to align with manufacturing industry best practices.

How It Works:


Schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts to discuss your manufacturing institution’s cybersecurity and compliance needs. Reach out to us at (859) 788-4600 or complete our straightforward 5-question online form.. Whether in-person or virtually, our consultation will delve into your specific concerns, addressing security measures tailored to the manufacturing environment. Whether you require a security risk assessment, compliance review, or continuous data protection, we’ll assess your objectives and develop a customized implementation plan.

Comprehensive Security Report:

Following your initial consultation, we will generate a comprehensive security report exclusively for your manufacturing company. Our reports are meticulously tailored, avoiding a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. Our thorough security experts will guide you through our strategy to address your unique security gaps, presenting a timeline and proposal aligned with your manufacturing budget and regulatory requirements.

Proposal & Onboarding:

Upon approval of the proposal, we initiate the onboarding process, providing continuous support at every step. From aiding in the selection of new hardware and software to implementing updated IT training and policies, our goal is a seamless partnership.

Share Your Feedback:

Share your feedback with us. Renowned for our 5-star reputation among Kentucky manufacturing businesses, we prioritize customer satisfaction. For project-based cybersecurity work, we conduct reviews on action items, key deadlines, and milestones. For manufacturing clients under retainer, enjoy 24/7 call and email access, with quarterly review meetings to ensure ongoing fulfillment of your needs. If expectations aren’t met, let us know; we’re committed to making it right and We always want to hear from customers!

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Why choose 46Solutions?

Manufacturing businesses should choose 46Solutions as their preferred IT provider for a specialized and tailored approach to cybersecurity. Our expertise is finely tuned to meet the distinctive compliance requirements and financial considerations specific to the manufacturing industry. With a transparent and predictable pricing model, we offer fixed rates for project-based services and consistent monthly fees for ongoing support, allowing manufacturing enterprises to effectively plan their budgets. Our comprehensive security solutions cover the entire spectrum of cybersecurity needs, from risk assessments to compliance reviews and ongoing data protection. What sets us apart is our commitment to customization — providing manufacturing clients with personalized security reports and remediation plans that address their unique challenges. With a seamless onboarding process, continuous support, and regular quarterly reviews, 46Solutions is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering industry-specific expertise that manufacturing businesses can rely on for their cybersecurity needs.

Due to our proficiency and expertise, Business Lexington has recognized us as the 2nd Top Local IT Provider in central Kentucky. Our commitment extends to continuous team training through global security councils. We consistently engage in research and education on technology, cybersecurity threats, and the manufacturing sector to offer optimal services to our clients. Reach out to us today for steadfast, enduring cybersecurity solutions. Gain the support of a dedicated IT team to oversee risk management and compliance tailored specifically for your manufacturing business.

Monthly security tech & services

“I called 46Solutions on a recommendation from a neighbor. I needed to move my law office and have a company handle everything involved with setting up the new spot. Some concerns I didn’t even know existed! What a relief to have found someone to take the stress off and handle everything seamlessly! They went above and beyond to make sure our new system is updated and secure, and they even installed all the wiring in the new space 🙂

Beyond those initial concerns, they handled getting us new phones, an internet provider, monthly security tech, and security services. They deal with third parties so that you don’t have to—they even put me in touch with a moving company! So glad to have them. Eric has been my contact; he’s been available at all hours anytime I’ve had questions and has been a lifesaver! Highly recommend!”

Lexington, KY Business Owner


Lexington, KY Business Owner

Friendly & Experienced Team

“If you are looking for IT or cybersecurity services for your business, the friendly, experienced team at 46Solutions delivers results! The very best in Kentucky, hands down.

Lexington, KY Business Owner


Lexington, KY Business Owner

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